Who are we?

We are a husband & wife team based in the Roman city of Glevum, modern day Gloucester.

George and Jeny

Married for over 25 years, we both have a longstanding interest in electronics, computers and audio-visual equipment.

George was recently made redundant and therefore has decided that he should follow what everyone has been telling him for years and has decided to set up Glevum Working to resolve all your technology problems.

Previously working professionally in IT, George’s interest in practical electronics construction is lifelong – starting with a lights for his bicycle & moving on to building a lighthouse at school, George has progressed a long way & now enjoys spending time building computers, clocks, chess computers and robots. George has been creating & fixing pretty much anything with a plug on it for years.

George’s wide ranging experience of IT includes fixing problems, providing training and assistance, installing hardware (computers, printers, scanners etc), installing software, building computer networks (both single location and multiple locations using 2.4GHz technology) and installing wireless networks.

Jenny spent more than a decade working in IT undertaking software development & software & hardware support for a local financial services company.

Having been made redundant Jenny took a change of focus in respect of work and later decided to join George in setting up Glevum Working.

Still providing IT support in her new role, Jenny’s focus is on software installation & customisation, along with training & assistance to IT users at all levels.

Jenny’s particular skill set is the provision of training & assistance and the development & provision of websites.